bday present for otherbuttons yeahhhhh!! a tad late ahaha, but i hope you like it uvu

goddamnit the Other Mother is so great to draw

aaaaa omg she’s PERFECT. ♥ Thank you so much!

I still keep your Beldam picture quite nicely on my wall- it’s rad to see the different types in your style!


happy birthday to this nerd

( i think this is the most colours ive ever used in a picture wowie) 

omg aaa this is so goooood! Thank you so much! ♥

Kandi is always fun to colour, but she always seems to challenge people!

never getting over how perfect this is omg thank you! ♥

ocasionally i doodle on my hands

today was very colourful

Friends were playing SH3, so I doodled out my favourite priest. ♥

ACOs now (properly) available over at my storenvy.

All are $8.50 (approx £5) and you get the original card sent to you! (and i’ll even draw on the envelope.)

I was mentioning earlier on my regular tumblr that I wanted to draw my current headcanon of what EROS would look like if it were human.

Having gone through most of her asks, she’s apparently a ‘bear girl’ and she’s obsessed with the things. Also the audio posts that have music have a very 1940s/early1950s feel, which is where the outfit comes from.

I imagine she’ll form more in my mind as she learns on her blog. ♥

tCC: Colour Compendium - Not on this week.

My schedule from tomorrow onwards consists of

Thursday: Screenprinting
Friday: Wildstar
Saturday: Wildstar
Sunday: Birthday meal & Wildstar
Monday: Uni work
Tuesday: Uni & Birthday Meteor Shower (how cool is that?!)
Wednesday: Uni
Thursday: Uni (Lasercutting)

And then after that I have a deadline to hit on May 1st. So basically apart from Wildstar, I have a lot on my plate. This doesn’t include the fact that I have to finish a Malon (LoZ) cosplay for MCM, as well as make more prints for DEVCON on May 4th.

Because of such, the next comic is going to also be a fully shaded A3/A4 print, and will be posted on Sunday 27th May. I’ll be trying my best to work on it in whatever spare time I can find.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

One of my final pieces for the Print Processes assignment. ♥ This one’s going to be screenprinted as a print, then framed.


TCC: Colour Compendium page #8 is now online!

Have you ever spoken to a rainbow? What did it say?

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